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November 7, 2013
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MM: Cheri Seong-Bae by Ushimipan MM: Cheri Seong-Bae by Ushimipan

Secondary Character~! He's a tsundere~ :icongtthplz:


Full Name:
Cheri "Blom" Seong-Bae ( 성 배 ) - full view: link



December 29 ( Capricorn )

Year Level:
Year Two


Monkey Wrench
Tinkering around  with vehicles for most of his life has left Cheri comfortable with some sort of tool in his hand. After using the monkey wrench his father had owned to protect himself several times, and his mother as well, Cheri wields the heavy tool whenever hs feels he must.


Arcana Rank:
Rank 7


5'3" ( 160 cm )

147 lbs. ( 67 kg )


Dis - full view: link

Flame Dance - Casts 'Agilao' multiple times. Roll Dice 5 to determine number of casts.

Ice Dance - Casts 'Bufula' multiple times. Roll Dice 5 to determine number of casts.

Electrical Dance - Casts 'Zionga' multiple times. Roll Dice 5 to determine number of casts.

Wind Dance - Casts 'Garula' multiple times. Roll Dice 5 to determine number of casts.

Megidola - Inflicts a large amount of Almighty damage on one target as well as draining 1 HP back to the user.

Grimoire - Doubles all spell damage, at the cost of doubling all SP costs and being barred from rolling Criticals. Does not apply to Healing, Light, or Dark spells.

Regenerate 2 - Recovers 1.5 HP at the start of your turn. Does not happen on extra turns, counter attacks, or when receiving damage.

Invigorate 3 - Recovers 2 SP at the start of your turn. Does not happen on extra turns, counter attacks, or when receiving damage.


In an attempt to bolster a better father/son development, Cheri's mother pushed her son to join her husband in the garage, working on cars and just tinkering around. The two relented and began spending time underneath the roofs of cars though conversation beyond explanations was stilted and they grew apart to work on their own projects once Cheri became more experienced, even when his father began working the garage less and less. Cheri became a handy-man of sorts and tinkered with what he could with an avid interest, able to fix a plethora of household items except for what he really wanted to fix most--a car. He will proudly admit that he can dismantle a car in almost record time, regardless if he can't put it back together in working order, and he'll readily use wrecking someone's car as a threat if needed.

While Cheri's mother is a passable cook, there was a time when she lost her way and her son stepped up in order to care for her. Instead of the quick meals she'd used to prepare, Cheri was adamant about following her doctors orders and giving them both the proper nutrition they needed, often rambling on about certain nutritional aspects of food as he bustled about the kitchen and made his mother laugh.

Checker and Plaid Patterns:
He has a strange sort of fascination with checker and plaid patterns, reasons unknown even to him, but he has several articles of clothing laden with such.

Black Licorice:
Along with the preferred spiciness of most Korean food, Cheri developed a love for the bitterness of black licorice among all things, difficult as it was to come by. His mother is almost sure it's a subconscious rebellion against his name and any red "cherry" flavors and he just happened to acquire a taste for the treats after a time.

Despite the impending cold fingers and red nose, Cheri has always been enamored with the powdery white frost that fell from the heavens. At times when he felt the need to be utterly by himself, he'd wrap himself in warm clothes and venture into the woods nearby his house, stopping in a clearing of utter silence and simply watching the snow fall.

Cheri finds the heavy pounding of summer rains on his roof calming, like watching the snow, and a downpour is one of the few things that can get him completely relaxed.

Despite never having attended proper lessons, Cheri had always liked judo compared to the other styles of martial arts, simply because it was about using your opponent's force against them--something he could appreciate considering his short stature and cutesy name weren't intimidating in the least.

Rock Music:
Whether it was some disagreement with his father or something his cousins had dragged him into, Cheri ended up with a liking to rock music of almost any kind.

Electric Guitar:
Being tossed into contact suddenly with some older cousins was a shock, regardless that they treated him as a super chummy little brother and dragged him to copy everything they did--including deafening first sessions of learning guitar until Cheri was finally able to learn the proper chords to not sound like an electrified weasel. His cousins gave him companionship that he sorely needed, given he'd moved away from his best friend at that time, and when the two older boys gifted him an electric guitar of his own for his 13th birthday, he couldn't have been more thrilled.


Cherry / Strawberry flavors:
Cheri knows that he is being childish in his avoidance of the common flavors, but he just doesn't care--it wasn't the taste of cherry and strawberry that he disagreed with, nor was he allergic. He simply didn't want to try them at all and has managed to do so for as long as he can remember. He has no incentive to even give them a chance either.

Having to deal with bullies snatching his food and possessions for far too long has left Cheri with absolutely no patience for those who steal. In fact, should he catch someone stealing, even if he wasn't the one robbed, he'd turn around and end up stripping the hide off of the thief with a ridiculous diatribe, descending into Swedish and Korean and just being completely indiscernible and spitting mad.

Along with a competitive spirit comes with an inflated want to win and in such cases that he ends up defeated in some manner, he takes the position of a poor loser and being just a hair away from pouting.

Dealing with idiotic bullies has made Cheri absolutely un-accepting of stupidity, intentional or otherwise, and he gets crabby and sarcastic if he finds he must endure it.

Cheri has a unique ability to push his full focus into whatever he's doing or be rather ignorant of his surroundings and any surprises end up garnering a far more intense reaction than anyone plans. Surprise birthday parties, jump scares on videos, and surprise pranks, among other things, end with a series of swift cursing as Cheri just ends up in a hilariously sour mood for a while afterward.

A downside of living near his father's family was the fact that aunts and uncles had children--and since his older cousins were usually laden in books and studying, Cheri was left to deal with the little brats. The first several times, despite many warnings, the parents left "secret" bags of candy within the house that the children repeatedly got into and they ran Cheri into absolute exhaustion time and time again before one babysitting incident resulted in an injury (a broken arm bestowed to Cheri via polish and stupid children). It's surprising that Cheri still tolerates the little monsters at all.

Wasting food, wasting money, wasting time, wasting resources--after spending so much of his time cleaning up after negligent children and a somewhat sloppy father left Cheri with a need to utilize everything he could to not toss anything out without using it to its fullest. He'll go so far as recycling, thankfully, re-using others plates, eating others leftovers, sometimes even using the same spoon. The supposed sexual implications of using someone else' spoon or fork is lost on him however...


| Honorable | Loyal | Protective | Straight Forward | Mother Hen |

A first glance with his pale hair (regardless of the pink), leather jacket, and piercings, Cheri might come across as a typical delinquent child, getting into trouble with the law and skipping school. Cheri actually takes things very seriously despite his appearance and makes it a point to put his whole heart into practically everything his does, living with a strange sense of honor learned from his mother. Gathering his precious friends and family members into his heart, he aims to stand by them and protect them to a zealous degree in a blunt and extremely straightforward manner, no doubt coming across as a sort of ridiculous knight and mother-hen, but it's just the way he is and he refuses to abandon the people that he's come to adore.

| Possessive | Greedy | Rude | Sarcastic | Ruthless | Bossy | Competitive |

However, along with his noble traits are the not so noble--including a possessive clinging to his loved ones that is ridiculously obvious to outsiders and he ends up butting into conversations to "steal away" his friends from those he doesn't care for. Having grown close to Yanyan Torres when they were younger, he's especially stuck on the redhead since he hadn't seen him in years, and hearing of Hannie through emails and chatting has bestowed a short "bodyguard" to the other Korean, and Cheri greedy absorbs their time as well as whoever else manages to worm into his heart. Despite having learned manners from his mother, Cheri is often brusque and rude to most other people, ridiculously sarcastic, and utterly ruthless with his verbal barbs. His difficult nature makes him rather irritable to withstand, and with his mother-hen-ing including a bossy undertone, he can sometimes be absolutely unbearable while in his element. Along with his abrasive attitude is a hyped up sense of competitiveness and a need to prove himself, much as he doesn't even recognize it, and it often creates conflict where there was none before, just due to his pride.


º Confident in himself, even if it might be a bit misguided
º Driven to wholehearted work toward something, regardless of others' thoughts
º Resourceful in situations that people might not expect
º Unwilling to give up even when the odds are against him and and he's being an absolute bother


× Easily goaded and conned into things he'd rather not do
× "Bound" by his honor, especially after being tricked into something, and he's determined to see it through
× His girly name; despite actually liking the name (secretly) he gets pissy about letting too many others use it casually
× Need to "help" people along with mother-hen-ing and being a bossy busy body--it's sometimes unappreciated
× Nosy; poking into other people's business comes with his bossy nature and is probably equally despised
× Trying to take charge, especially in situations where he shouldn't; that and he's only leader-like in a motherly sense


Cheri was a blessing from what was originally a one-night stand in Japan, one his touring mother refused to do away with, and his father, raised with proper manners, married her immediately to keep her from being shamed--despite the rushed nuptials the two were surprisingly compatible together. His mother was the one who christened him, making a combination of her maiden Swedish surname, "Blom" meaning "bloom", and the cherry blossoms that were so beautiful in Japan... despite the name being quite unmanly. Now laden with a happy son, the couple continued their lives, slowly raising their child.

When Cheri was seven, the blissful atmosphere in the household had begun to dim and the child became just as wary of his father as the man was of him, no matter how Cheri's mother tried to coax them to connect. Eventually she retreated into her job, her husband becoming estranged, and Cheri could only try to ignore the tension while in school; incidentally where he met one Torres Yanyan, who became a trusted friend and almost brother. The two grew closer as Cheri's family began to unravel and as the years passes it became all too obvious that his father was mentally unwell, much as he tried to hide it to protect his wife and son. Despite how hard he tried to fight his problems, it was not to be when his scattered memory found him assaulting his poor wife--then waking to find that his son had taken the monkey wrench he'd been gifted for his thirteenth birthday to his own father's head to stop the abuse. The man eagerly agreed to therapy in a mental institution, desperate to keep himself together and not harm anyone else, and his wife took her son and moved to be near her husband's family, who welcomed them with open arms. The loving people managed to nurture and heals their hurts, along with visits to the tearful father, and an intense desire to protect those he held dear, with his own hands if need be, filtered into Cheri's life.

He kept in contact with Yanyan as best he could, having just barely failed the entrance exams to Higashimori High School to accompany him sooner, but when news of Yanyan's mother falling ill to RMD reached Cheri and his mother, a burning determination resulted in passed exams, thankfully, but regardless his silly older brother needed him.


He is usually seen with a bandage or medical tape of some sort on him from accidents--he's not clumsy by any stretch, but he's just not too careful and might try to idly scratch his ear and end up clubbing himself with a wrench.

In honor of his persistent work and dedication to his family, friends, and studies, his mother managed to buy him his own motorcycle; however, he's not allowed to drive it until he turns 18. It's certainly incentive to not goof off and have it taken away.

Cheri often spews out sarcasm like it's going out of fashion, but has a strange ability to not recognize it when it's aimed back at him. It's strange.

He always has some stray nuts and bolts in his pockets for some reason.

Through his years, he's managed to piece together a style of bastardized judo and street fighting--enough to make sure he got out of unwanted fights without getting tossed about.

In times of agitation, Cheri cooks to calm his anger... his ultra violent methods usually tire him out nicely. Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time

After moving  close to his father's family, his cousins took it upon themselves to teach him the ways of the electric guitar and he has thankfully passed the days of loud and off key blaring noise.

Secretly, so secret that even he doesn't know, Cheri likes to cuddle in his sleep.

Despite grumbling and generally being a wet blanket, Cheri managed to get wrangled into a Pokemon addiction by Yanyan and he can often be seen training his precious teams with a ridiculously serious expression.

The pink streaks in his hair are natural, unfortunately, inherited from his beloved paternal grandmother and no matter how much he absolutely hates it and wishes he could dye his hair, he ends up leaving it in honor of his family.

Given his heritage and living location, Cheri is surprisingly fluent in Swedish, Korean, and Japanese; in contrast, he is absolutely abysmal with English and takes to swearing in Swedish since he's less likely to get in trouble for it.


Secondary Blue Card R2 x1
Secondary Blue Card R3 x1
Secondary Blue Card R4 x1
Secondary Blue Card R5 x1
Secondary Blue Card R6 x1
Secondary Blue Card R7 x1

Morphos Points:

51,398MP - Money Bag


RP methods (randomly ordered~) Preference to lit. RP
▪ AIM - ask cuz not really spreading that~ cx
▪ DA - Notes, comments, chatroom
▪ Skype - ushimipan (sending me a friend request? let me know your DA username too please or I might be frightened of unknown people and reject, lolol~)
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Another beautiful character? :iconamgplz: Damn! Your BJBB bunny's gonna be hella gorgeous (if you join).

Ah, I really like the pink in his hair~ And his name is adorable, too! <3 :giggle: Ma Cheri~//hit
Ushimipan Nov 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thankies~ :iconhurrhurrplz:
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His eyes... it's like he's looking directly into your soul... :iconinglipplz:
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