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LF: Feliks Orlov by Ushimipan LF: Feliks Orlov by Ushimipan


ɤ   ›NAME:
Feliks Orlov

ɤ   ›AGE:

ɤ   ›GENDER:

ɤ   ›HOUSE:

June 9th

165 cm ( 5'5" ) / 57 kg ( 126 lb )

ɤ   ›PET (optional):
Long-haired Munchkin Domesticated Feline
Smug, Possessive, Tolerant, Overly Dignified, Loves Cuddles and being Carried

Aspen; Dragon Heartstring; 10 1/2 inches, Swishy


Cheering Charm - Causes the target to become happy - heavy-handed or excessive use can cause uncontrollable laughing fits, or even prolonged manic episodes.
Counterspell - Counters a spell as it is being cast, or cancels an ongoing magical effect.
Disarming Charm - Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand.
Incendio - Creates a jet of flame which expels from the wand.
Shielding Charm - Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses.


Care of Magical Creatures


| Even Tempered | Friendly | Loyal, sometimes to a fault | Generous | Compassionate | Hard working |

Even Tempered - Feliks had a thoroughly enjoyable childhood and came to adopt an even tempered attitude, seldom losing his cool in most situations where he'd be sure to--let he be pushed too far.

Friendly - Growing up in a small community meant everyone knew each other and that almost everyone was on an amiable basis with one another--though the children had no concept of this and were simply friends with whoever they felt like. Taking this along to Hogwarts meant that Feliks had no preconceived notions and is utterly clueless about house rivalries and history; therefore, he's made it a personal mission to attain everyone as a friend... cutesy and impossible as it will surely be.

Loyal - Complimenting with his house, Feliks hold a strong and firm loyalty to his precious people, and things that aren't people, and makes it a point to always stand beside them through thick and thin--and through many bad decisions on either part as well.

Generous - While not  under financial problems, Feliks grew up sharing most, if not all, of his possessions with his brother and just seems to get a jy out of sharing with others... but not too much.

Compassionate - He inherited his mother's big heart and likes to draw any troubled peoples he might find under his wing for love and comfort, regardless if they might be older than him.

Hard Working - Feliks wasn't gifted with a natural cleverness like his beloved twin, but he finds that no reason to slack off. Having had tons of lectures and stories about the importance of perseverance and hard work from his father, Feliks is determined to do him proud and works as hard as he can. However, he isn't too proud to scuttle to his brother to ask for help.

| Nosy | Brutal | Blunt | Simpleton | Trigger-happy | Naive | Crass: if the situation calls for it |

Nosy - Growing up in a small, isolated village didn't allow anyone much privacy with all their dealings and while Feliks is used to knowing quite a bit about people, personal information and all, others are not quite so inviting of his attentions.

Brutal - Should his patience run out and his temper turn sour, Feliks finds himself dealing with any "problems" with a brutal manner, be it verbal, magical, or any other way something might occur. He's often too stubborn to back down should he be at a disadvantage.

Blunt - Uncaring of flowery words and "letting people down gently" has left Feliks being blunt and forceful at times that he feels he must--normally the situation might not have been appropriate for such things.

Simpleton - Preferring physical activity and mindless contentment to studying and learning has encouraged Feliks to be rather simple-minded and somewhat drifty; not so quick on the uptake. Sometimes people will need to be as blunt with him as he is to others.

Trigger-happy - In the face of people besmirching his precious people, and only them, Feliks rather flies off the handle and becomes quite hostile, choosing to fire first in a trigger-happy manner and not bother with questions later. This often leads him into trouble if he misunderstands the situation or content.

Naive - Hand in hand with his compassion and simple-mindedness is a blissfully naive ignorance--and a bleeding heart to boot. Feliks didn't often run into deceit in his home town, rustic and honest as they were, nor did he plunge himself into books like his brother, and so he thrives on wearing his heart on his sleeve and often being fooled by whoever wants to do so. However, in his great need to help people, Feliks sometimes disrupts these plans without even knowing with his "generosity".

Crass - Feliks is the one who is sent to "fetch" his father on his drinking nights at the village tavern--and he's kept his little ears open as they spewed drunken slurs... and has quite avidly remembered them. In the event that his sensibilities are offended and the situation is prime, Feliks will open his childish mouth and say... very un-childish things. Not often, though--he doesn't want his mother to find out.


Born to a loving couple in west Russia, Feliks was born approximately 1 minute and 37 seconds before his twin brother, Aleksandr, and when he became old enough to be aware, he took it upon himself to be the unofficial "big brother" of the two and any responsibilities that entailed from it. Brought up with love, patience, and discipline, if needed, Feliks grew to idolize his mother and father quite a bit, trying his best to model himself after them despite their different yet complimentary attitudes. With his father a lumberjack and his mother a craftswoman, the two boys were often called upon to help about in the businesses, chopping and fetching wood or repairing and delivering various items to people around their small yet cozy village, where everyone knew each other.

Isolated as they were, Feliks was part of a tight-knit society, but mostly untroubled as they had an abundance of peacekeepers of both wizard and muggle. With magic and mundane intermingled through family connections and marriage, the "Statue of Secrecy" employed in the British wizarding society was completely obsolete; the small amount of mundane people were better equipped to understand the power and the limitations of magic and were able to react accordingly and cull any resentment before it even started. The village was lucky.

Being so intermingled of magic and non-magic came with people from different cultures and those magical who had attended Hogwarts were slightly set apart for the knowledge and expertise, though, thankfully, not placed on pedestals, as they sometimes recounted of generations past having attended the great school settled in the lands on Scotland, Feliks and Aleks listening in rapt attention and dreaming. Already set in his head to do his best to grow into the family businesses as the "eldest", Feliks set to be as honorable and trustworthy as his father had after all these years, grafting a loyal, easy- going, but determined manner in his dealing with his chores and play. It was a pleasant surprise when, during the brothers' shared birthday and celebrations, two letters with invitations to attend Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry came to them with an owl messenger. They needn't think twice with the encouragement of their parents and the rest of the village, and Feliks felt a swell of pride that he would be able to truly follow in his father's footsteps to school. The outing to introduce them to the British wizarding society was eye-opening, especially to see just how disconnected the magical and mundane worlds were kept. Feliks certainly didn't understand, but became far too excited with the prospect of simply going to the school than the particulars. As such, he promised his mother and father to look after his brother, regardless of house, and do the very best he could.


+ Quidditch
+ His Family
+ Boska
+ Charcoal Drawing--he's not good at all, but he likes it
+ Taking pictures with a ridiculously old Polaroid camera
+ Hunting in the woods
+ Petting animals--any kind will do
+ Digeridoos--no reason needed
+ Reading fantasy stories about dwarves

- Cleaning out the rain gutters in winter
- Boska sleeping on his face
- Beets
- Snow in his socks and shoes


+ Arithmancy - He doesn't know why he's good at it, but he'll keep up with it
+ Lucky draws in games--for the first half of the game, at least
+ Strong arm muscles
+ Extremely dedicated when he puts his mind to it

- Guilty conscience; excessively so, but will take all the blame
- Easily distracted or completely and foolishly focused
- Easily roped into doing things he might not want to because he "wants to help"
- Transfiguration--requires too much creativity unless he concentrates ridiculously hard

ɤ   ›FAMILY:
Aleksandr Orlov - Younger twin by 1 minute and 37 seconds.

None yet.


Sometimes wears a headband for no particular reason
Likes to sometimes style his hair exactly like Aleks' and even switch ties and house crests
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LightningEffect Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Congratulations on getting into the group. 
I hope you'll have a lot of fun and good luck!
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Thankies, Lightning~
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hope to see some cute twin pics and more stuff 
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Redsplendence Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013
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Ushimipan Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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AgentDax Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist
what a cute little hufflypuffly! *fluffs his hair*
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Ushimipan Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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