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November 9, 2012
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Combo-Lock: Illifr by Ushimipan Combo-Lock: Illifr by Ushimipan

Application Submission~ =3=7


Full-sized Ref: link

[Data Update]
Character Info//

ID: #BPC7058

Name: Illifr
Nickname: Illi (Unwanted nickname, but a nickname all the same)
Level: 6
Age: 950 ( 19 )
DOB: April 13th
Gender: Male
Height: 4'11" ( 149.86 cm )
Race: Pandemonian
Division: Fraud Circle

Exp: 295
Exp Bank: link

▪ "...Just cuz yer tall..."
▪ "No matter--you're just an asshat, but that's fine."
▪ "You should give me that--it's good for me~"

Illifr speaks with a "Scottish" accent, learned from areas unknown, and his accent and words become thicker and more intelligible if he gets angry or frustrated.

▪Illifr is outgoing and brash, usually the first to be noticed despite his short stature. He holds his head high, confident in his actions, but luckily he was not raised with a sense of superiority over others--it was somewhat the opposite, in fact. He is an "in-your-face" kind of person, eager for action and running headlong into trouble but is always willing to follow another's lead... though he's more cooperative the more assertive they are.

Due to his strange upbringing, he never had the nurturing attention necessary to develop a proper mature mentality and he still ends up striving for acknowledgement from others, often going about it the wrong way or trying to get it from the wrong kind of people. Along with that is a sense of childish tendencies that he hasn't been able to out grow, such as being quick to assume and anger and trust, that will pop up in various situations, hampering his reasoning and understanding of some matters when his underdeveloped mentality just can't comprehend it properly.

But regardless of his problems, Illifr is not one to give up or be pushed around, managing to maintain a positive outlook on his doings as he finds no reason to sulk about--nothing would get done. Despite his abrasive and somewhat animalistic nature, he craves company, a symptom stemming from semi-isolation he experienced while growing up. Along with this is a subconscious desire to see smiles around, and the more he likes his company the more he'll want to make them happy, but should he find his sensibilities insulted in some manner, he'll be just as rude and uncouth as any wild child.

▪ Fighting - His goal is to be the strongest lance-wielder in the three realms
▪ Relaxing - The complete opposite of fighting, yes, but nothing beats letting loose after a good 'ole tussle
▪ Technology - The area he was raised was far from most civilizations so any sort of gadgets, even something as simple as buttons, utterly fascinates him
▪ Fruit - Vegetation is extremely scarce in the Fraud Circle, fruit even more-so, and Illifr will always go starry-eyed at even the thought of the food
▪ Being around others - He has a craving to be surrounded by people after having been in the company of a select undesirables or alone
▪ Water - He has quite the love/hate relationship with the element, starving and searching for drops in the dusty lands of his home, but in large bodies he is comically incapable of swimming
▪ Rain - While rain is simply another form of water, the few times that clouds block the harsh sun in Fraud Circle and coat the land in cool liquid somehow leaves Illifr in a tranquil mood that transcends his normally childish nature

▪ His Family - While he doesn't possess a burning hatred of them, with the way he was raised he just finds that he resents them
▪ His Height - It is quite the physical anomaly, since the rest of his family are quite tall, and given his current age he is very annoyed that he probably won't be getting any growth spurts
▪ Being Mocked - Given his somewhat underdeveloped mentality, he's not quite capable dealing with mockery in any sort of mature manner and he becomes quite snarky and aggressive with his opponent
▪ Snobs - Those who are snobbish, whether it be those with wealth or intelligence or what have you, just grate on his nerves with the way they seem to shove whatever they might have in other's faces
▪ Tons of Clothing - He's used to dressing sparsely, both from being male and from the heat, and too much material covering his skin and fur leaves him antsy
▪ Loud Noises - With his ancestry of several strange Pandemonians all with enhanced auditory senses, ridiculously loud sounds and people yelling near him send him into a fidgeting frenzy

▪ Extremely flexible
▪ Willing to persevere though any obstacle
▪ Unwilling to mope and be useless
▪ Easily distracted to curb his anger
▪ An expert climber
▪ Seasoned hunter able to make his cooking fairly edible by his standards

Born in the underground caves of Fraud Circle, Illifr was the youngest of ten sons. His "parents" were simple-minded Pandemonians, mixed breeds of cat and wolf. His father had broken off from his own family for reasons unknown, stealing his mother who had been a prize choice for the leader's mate. Given that both were strong, they expected their children to be excellent warriors to help build their own pack. This was why Illifr was such a surprise as he was born small--very, very small. A runt.

Such is the way of nature and animal instincts, his father and elder brothers turned their noses up at him, seeing his small size as some deficiency and dubbing him the omega of the pack even before the children had begun to fight for their places. It was only maternal instincts that stayed his life, his mother protecting him and coercing the others to do the same. As he grew older, he began to understand his "place" in the pack, and with not only being the lowest rank but also the smallest, when he no longer needed his mother to protect him at all times, he was soon ignored and shoved out of the way. As such, he started venturing out on his own, training and hunting since he received no such positive attentions with his pack. He wasn't abused or mistreated, but he was just forgotten.

All too soon the time came for the sons to fight among themselves and establish their ranks in the pack. The other nine fought all their battles first, certain along with their parents that Illifr was sure to be the omega and cruelly deciding to have all his battles last and one after the other to make sure he knew his place. It was then a terrible surprise when the brother who everyone thought would be beta did not soundly whip the tiny would-be omega. The larger Pandemonian was effortlessly trussed and tussled, ending up pinned down and missing an eye and a few fingers, scratches and wounds all over his body. It was then that their eyes opened that the little runt was apparently the true beta and perhaps even stronger than his father, the alpha.

Then his pack was wary about him, obviously remembering their abrasive treatment of him and wondering what he would do to retaliate. It was to their consternation that he seemed unconcerned with the pack and his newly won rank--because he'd so often had to fend for himself, he wasn't dependent on his family to guide him as he'd been teaching himself to do it for years. He flaunted his power when need be but otherwise completely disrupted the order of the pack. After a time, his father put his foot down. The alpha came at him, intending to teach him his place and just demote him back to omega since he did nothing to help the pack--that thought was his last, maybe. He stood no match to Illifr who easily tore into him and when he left the cave and the pack behind, he wasn't sure if his father was even still alive.

Now he ventures about on his own, training and learning and seeing beyond the narrow world his parents had envisioned. He wants to put his past behind him and look toward the future.

▪ Encouraging personality to rally comrades
▪ Determination to not give up and since he's not faced any impossibilities yet, he's managed to succeed in all he's tried to do save for his dream
▪ Very good stamina in fights
▪ His tactical fighting style allows him to work alone or with allies

▪ Fruit - It might be his love, but, when offered fruit, he is bribed into doing practically anything with pathetic ease
▪ Naive - His childishness not withstanding, Illifr is far too trusting despite how he grew up
▪ Easily goaded into doing reckless things
▪ A complete lightweight in alcohol consumption
▪ His ears and tail are extremely sensitive to touch

▪ When idle, he sometimes chews the long fur on the end of his tail
▪ His dual colored eyes are simply a genetic coloring and have no special properties
▪ Despite being unable to swim, he takes inexplicable delight in standing in ankle deep water
▪ Because of his longing for company, he subconsciously finds himself snuggling up to any trusted companions in his sleep
▪ The skin on the bottom of his feet is very thick and enables him to walk upon just about any surface without shoes
▪ Is somewhat resilient to poisons from eating poisonous lizards and the like in Fraud Circle and suffering illness until his immune system adapted


Prior Ownership: Bead and hoop earrings--not imbibed with any helpful attributes
Store Bought: N/A
Drops: N/A

[Log Sequence]

Contract Availability:

▪ Weakness Sensory - A combat based ability that is useful only in battle. Activating it allows Illifr to "see" an enemy's weakness, whether it might by a weak spot on their armor, a favored injured limb, or a hole they leave in their fighting defenses. The skill activates in a flare of red over his eyes, allowing only him to see this specific area glowing the same color, and making an imprint of the area in his brain that allows him to know the exact spot to strike. The glow over the area only lasts for a dozen seconds, but the imprint of the area fades after five minutes.

The drawbacks of such a useful skill are severe, however--because it is affecting such delicate muscles of the eyes and brain instead of the regular limbs of the rest of the body, the force of the magic is very straining and puts a subtle pressure on the areas that are very unsuitable to withstand it. Excessive use will cause vision impairs that might lead to blindness as well as severe migraines that could lead to ruptured blood vessels in the brain and death. As such, this skill cannot be used more than 5 times in 12 hours without Illifr suffering deathly repercussions.

▪ 6' bladed lance (named Dohwa)

▪ Health: 275
▪ Magic: 100
▪ Attack: 510
▪ Defense: 190
▪ Speed: 600

Battling Style:
▪ Tactician and Front-line Warrior
Illifr is quick and strong, using his speed to dodge enemy attacks and then getting close to deliver heavy blows. His skill allows him to efficiently cut down his opponent by hitting them where it hurts.

▪ [ Main Theme - link ]
▪ [ Reg. Battle Theme - link ]
▪ [ Serious Battle Theme - link ]
▪ [ Sad Theme - link ]


RP methods (randomly ordered~) Preference to lit. RP
▪ AIM - ask cuz not really spreading that~ cx
▪ DA - Notes, comments, chatroom
▪ Skype - ushimipan (sending me a friend request? let me know your DA username too please or I might be frightened of unknown people and reject~)
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PiruuPierrot Aug 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congratulations! You have Leveled up to 7! You are now able to add +320 SP to any of your stats~!

This is your stats now
Health: 285
Magic: 100
Attack: 510
Defense: 220
Speed: 620

Please note right away with your new stats~!
whitty-boo Jul 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
You have leveled up and have received 320 SP! Please reply with your new stats!
Ushimipan Jul 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Alrighty~ ouo7

Stat Update:
▪ Health: 275
▪ Magic: 100
▪ Attack: 510
▪ Defense: 190
▪ Speed: 600
takarayume May 3, 2013  Student General Artist
Hnngh ah gosh such an adorable babbu---:iconyuiwahplz: I'd love to rp with him sometime~ :icongrosssobplz:
Congratulations! You've reached lvl 5! You may add 320 SP to your character! Your base stats are:
Please reply with your new stats asap!
Ushimipan Feb 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wait--oh snap, I just realized! Were the Awards for the Event 0, Quest 2 negated because of the extension? I just realized that I jumped the gun and added those points when no mod had commented and said that I'd received them. oAo7
After this I'll get the stat points up~
Sorry for the prolonged wait just to bring bad news, but unfortunately due to the many extensions the event had, the extra Awards for Quest 2 were indeed cancelled.
If you could please withdrawn those points, it'd be nice.
I'm sorry about that, hun, but really there is nothin I can do about it :/
Ushimipan Feb 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw, it's alright; I was prepared for it just in case, so I've got my new stats all ready anyway~ =u=9

Stat Update:
▪ Health: 200
▪ Magic: 50
▪ Attack: 460
▪ Defense: 145
▪ Speed: 500

Thank you for answering my question--I was wondering about that~ :iconsaluteplz:
ltzel Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaH! so adorable just i want to cuddle that guy akahajhak Im trying to join combo lock too so i hope i will meet that little dude
Ushimipan Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh good luck, good luck~ //Totally checked out yer pandie~// :iconryojidaisyplz:
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